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New York Yankee News: Hughes, Colon, Ethier and the Schedule

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Finish him!
Finish him!

All good news in for the New York Yankees today.

In St. Louis, the specialist ruled out thoracic outlet syndrome as an explanation for Phil Hughes' loss of arm strength. While that still leaves the question "What's wrong with Hughes?," our hope goes back to non-structural dead arm exhaustion. Hopefully it's something that Hughes can work through.

In Detroit, the watchword of the night was nearly "missed opportunities" as the Yankees went 2-14 with runners in scoring position and Curtis Granderson over-slid the bag in the ninth inning. But, being a glass half full guy, I prefer to think of RISP as a sign that the offense is clicking, and that the runs will come soon. Last night, they did, thanks to a bleeder from Arod and a bloom from Swisher.

The player of the game has to be Bartolo Colon, who pitched another 7 inning gem.

Meanwhile in Los Angeles, Dodgers star and non-tender candidate Andre Ethier extended his hitting streak to 28 games, halfway to DiMaggio's 56. Two more weeks of hits gets him to 42. A hit a day for the entire month of May gets him to 55. Ethier could match DiMaggio's mark on a Wednesday night at home in June against the Rockies and break the record against the Reds on Friday in Cincinnati on June 3. If he records a hit for 29 straight games. First, he has to get one against Ryan Dempster and the Cubs tonight.

May will tell us a lot about the Yankees, as they grind through 28 games in 30 days. Their travel times are:

A day game in Detroit, travel to Texas with no off day.

A day game in Texas, with an offday to fly home.

An 8PM game against the Red Sox, no off-day to travel to Tampa for a 2 game set.

A night game in Tampa, no off-day to travel to Baltimore for a 2 game set.

A night game in Baltimore, no off-day to go to New York.

In New York, a day game against the Blue Jays followed by a travel day to get to Seattle.

A day game in Seattle, no travel day, followed by a day game in Oakland.