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Yankee Stadium Receives Low Ratings From Fans

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Great picture.
Great picture.

NY Times Columnist Nate Silver wrote this article about fan ratings of MLB Stadiums and what we can learn from them. I definitely suggest reading the article, but here are some bullet points for those of you that don't want to.

-On a scale of 1 to 5 (five being the best) fans rated Yankee Stadium a 3.92, which ranks it 21st out of the 30 MLB Stadiums.

-Fenway Park ranked second overall, and Citi Field ranked 15th.

-The Old Yankee Stadium would have ranked tied for 20th with a 3.96 rating.

-Everyone loves PNC Park, (Home of the Pirates) so talent of the team does not necessarily determine how fans like the Stadium. I'm glad to see this.

Two quotes:

The funny one: I’m working on an article about the New York Mets — but that subject is perhaps too depressing for a beautiful Memorial Day weekend.

The interesting one:

One potential conclusion is that it’s not worth building a retractable roof (which often requires significant additional taxpayer expense.) The five stadiums which have one receive an average rating of 3.86, versus an average of 4.10 for those that remain open to the elements.

How would you rate the stadiums you have been to? How would Yankee Stadium rate? How could Yankee Stadium improve? Discuss.