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Sweepless in Seattle: New York Yankees 7, Seattle Mariners 1

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Today was a successful day for the New York Yankees

CC Sabathia pitched eight terrific innings, giving up only one run and five hits. CC helped avoid being swept by the Mariners, just like the Yankees asked him to.

CC now has thrown eight or more innings in three straight starts, winning all three of the starts.

The Yankees offense followed Sabathia's lead, as every single starter for the Yankees got a hit.

The outfield was especially efficient today. Curtis Granderson continued to hammer the ball, getting three hits, and Derek Jeter's hit put him at 2,980 hits for his career. Nick Swisher showed that he can beat bad luck for a day, as Swisher hit a solo home run, walked twice, and scored twice in the Yankees victory. Andruw Jones hit a three run double in the third.

Alex Rodriguez extended his hitting streak to nine games, and his backup, Eduardo Nunez, tripled in a run.

Overall, the Yankees did everything right, and will go into Oakland on a high note.

Comment of the Game: Kevin L.