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New York Yankees News - 5/29/2011

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You may have heard that Derek Jeter set a new mark in Yankees history passing Rickey Henderson for most stolen bases with the organization:

The steal, Jeter’s fourth of the season, came with none out and Curtis Granderson batting in the third inning and gave him 327 for his career, one more than Henderson, who played in 1,700 fewer games as a Yankee. Henderson is baseball's all-time stolen base king with 1,406.

Reaction number one:  Holy crap, Rickey stole lots of bases.  Reaction number two: When Derek Jeter retires, he's going to have a ton of team records for a team with some truly legendary hitters.

Also (link):

Stuck in a two-month slump, Swisher has statistics that suggest the worst season of his career, but behind those statistics are numbers that suggest the Yankees right fielder is experiencing some of the worst luck in baseball.

I'm glad I'm not the only one noticing.  Swish will be fine.