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Yankees on Twitter

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For those of you that use twitter, here is a list of Yankees-related people you may want to follow


CC Sabathia- Usually tweets articles about CC Sabathia, connected to CC's website.

Colin Curtis- Everyone wants to hear what Colin Curtis has to say, right?

Curtis Granderson- Granderson tweets about his charity work, baseball, and other interesting stuff. I recommend you follow him.

David Robertson- Houdini just signed up for twitter, and has tweeted his thoughts about games. Another interesting guy to follow.

Joba Chamberlain- Joba tweets about almost anything related to his life.Do you want to get inside Joba's head?

Mark Teixeira- Teixeira mainly tweets sponsored comments, but will once in a while give interesting comments.

Nick Swisher- As expected Swisher is all over the place on twitter. From retweeting random fans to tweeting about his wife to tweeting about baseball.

Phil Hughes- Hughes most often tweets about baseball and the Tampa Bay Lightning. Good to follow.

Robinson Cano- New to twitter, tough to tell which path on Twitter he will follow.

Russell Martin- Often tweets about the Yankees, recommended follow.

Donnie Collins- Yankees AAA Beat Writer

Fake Joe West- Hilarious.

Yankees PR- Self-Explanatory.

Pinstripe Alley- Follow the entire staff in one spot.

Brandon C.- The most important of all the twitter users!

jscape2000-The manager, the myth, the legend.

Lord Duggan- Insert sarcastic comment here. Insert IGYAR joke about me using the word insert here.

Yankees2, Frankie Camp- The new guys.

Dan Hanzus- The self described NFL minion!

If you have your own twitter account feel free to post it in the comments!