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Mariners 4, Yankees 3: Bullpen Blows Burnett's Win

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Mark Teixeira jumped on a first-inning fastball from Michael Pineda and sent it far over the rightfield wall to give the Yankees a 1-0 lead. They tacked on two more in the fifth and looked to have a comfortable 3-0 lead. A.J. Burnett gave back two of those runs in the bottom half of that inning on RBI groundouts. Girardi pulled Burnett after that inning - and 97 pitches - in favor of Boone Logan, who promptly allowed a single to a lefty. Logan was then pulled in favor of Luis Ayala, who allowed a single and walk to the next two hitters. Two more RBI groundouts and the Mariners had a 4-3 lead. (What did D-Rob do in the bottom of the eighth? He only K'ed two and induced a fly-out. That would've come in handy in the sixth when, you know... the game was on the line.)

In the top of the eighth, Jorge Posada drew a two-out walk. Eduardo Nunez pinch-ran and stole second. The tying run was only 180 feet away. Great going, Wardo! Moments later he was picked off. Un believe a bull.

The offense only amounted to five hits (four of them singles), but did manage six walks. Tell me again why Jorge Vazquez (2-4, 2B, HR tonight) isn't on the team.

With RISP: Yankees, 1-6; Seattle, 0-8

Play of the Game: Ayala's walk of Carlos Peguero in the sixth (-14%), which set up consecutive run-scoring groundouts.