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Yankees at Mariners Preview/Open Thread

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The game doesn't start for three hours, so use this as a preview/open thread as you watch the other games around MLB.

Current Series

3 game series vs Mariners @ SAFECO Field

New York Yankees
@ Seattle Mariners

Friday, May 27, 2011, 10:10 PM EDT

A.J. Burnett vs Michael Pineda

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Sat 05/28 10:10 PM EDT
Sun 05/29 4:10 PM EDT

We get a chance to see rookie phenom Michael Pineda, who throws the hardest average fastball in the game (95.6 MPH). Burnett is no slouch himself, averaging 92.5 MPH.

Look for the gamethread at 10 p.m.

Here are Yankee hitters ranked in order of wRC+ (a park and league adjusted stat that takes into account all aspects of a player's offensive game), with a minimum of 50 PA:

Grandy, 171

Martin, 150

Tex, 144

A-Rod, 140

Cano, 123

Andruw, 115

GGBG, 110

Posada, 83

Jeter, 75

Swisher, 73


Following by Seattle's hitters:

Smoak, 135

Kennedy, 114

Cust, 103

Bradley, 98

Langerhans, 91

Ichiro, 89

Ryan, 89

Olivo, 74

Wilson, 63

Rodriguez, 63

Figgins, 41

Saunders, 38


Ichiro has only been marginally better than Posada. And look at Chone Figgins, ooph. So even when we think the Yanks are having trouble scoring runs, just take a look around the league.