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A Better Fan Confidence Poll

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Oh, what is this?  Another fan confidence poll from that Duggan fool?  After last week's disaster couldn't we get one of the better writers to do it?

I'm afraid that a certain Skittle lover who I will not name (rhymes with Parndon) forgot his responsibility to write this post, and conniving devil that I am, I will not miss the opportunity to publicly humiliate my good friend Barn.  Anyways, to business...

If you look below, unsurprisingly, you will see that the Fan Confidence number took a huge nosedive last week.  When you're playing bad defense, not hitting, and not pitching well, it's going to be tough to get a lot of wins.  Thankfully, the Yankees seem to have made steps in the right direction, and as of right now, have a percentage points lead in the AL East.

However, Nick Swisher is still struggling to put it together, Jorge Posada looks ancient, news has just come down about a major setback for Rafael Soriano, and who knows when we're going to get something out of Phil Hughes.  Such is the roller coaster of a 162 game season.  Vote.