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Rafael Soriano Shut Down Indefinitely

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Update: Soriano will be seeing Dr. James Andrews.

Rafael Soriano has been sent for another MRI after feeling soreness again. The Yankees "shut down" Soriano indefinitely, thus continuing the horrible beginning of Rafael Soriano's Yankee career.

I imagine if there are any problems with the MRI a visit with Dr. James Andrews is near, and if not, Soriano will be inactive for a few more weeks before attempting to rehab.

Either way, expect to see more of Robertson and Chamberlain as the eighth inning pitchers, and less of Rafael Soriano.

The 31-year-old has hardly been the reliable bridge to Mariano Rivera that fans had hoped to have had when the Yankees shelled out boatloads of money for him. Through 16 games pitched, he has an ERA of 5.40 in 15.0 innings of work. The most depressing statistic is that he has more walks than strikeouts, 11 BB vs. 10 SO.

The less Rafael Soriano pitches as a Yankee, the more likely it becomes that he chooses not to opt out of his contract. Sad times in Yankeeville.