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Yankees and Home Runs: Do They Fly In The Playoffs?

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A lot has been made of the number of home runs the Yankees have hit thus far this season. They lead the league in that category by a wide margin (17) over the Cincinnati Reds. And we can't credit it all to the "band box" some think the new Yankee Stadium is: It currently ranks 12th among the 30 stadiums in terms of "home run friendliness."

Some in the mainstream media have criticized the Bombers for relying too much on the long ball, saying that in the playoffs, where they'll see good pitchers more consistently, the home runs won't come so easily. Is that actually true?


Looking at the HR per AB rate in the regular season during the Wild Card era (1995-2010), we get the following:

81,036 HR in 2,617,634 AB = 1 HR per 32.3 AB

And in the playoffs?

1089 HR in 34,868 AB = 1 HR every 32 AB

Essentially identical. If there's any difference, homers seem to occur slightly more often in the post-season. So there you go. No need to worry about all those long balls. Just enjoy them.

[Source: The indomitable BRef]