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A Great Day at the Ballpark

Picture from my seats.
Picture from my seats.

As many of you know I attended the Yankees game today, the second Subway Series game I have ever attended. The first game I barely remember, except for that the Yankees won, and Andy Pettitte got a hit.

The tickets were a gift for my brother, a Mets fan, and a gift to myself as well. I was excited when I first saw that the pitching matchup would be Ivan Nova vs. Mike Pelfrey, as I had not seen either pitch before today.

When we arrived at the game we were greeted by a sea of blue and white, and blue and orange. Chants of "Let's Go Yankees, Let's Go Mets" filled the air, with little pause between the two.

The crowd was loud at the start, and erupted at the sight of Curtis Granderson's home run. Between the second to sixth innings, the crowd was silent, other than the few chants for the Yankees, and cheering for the Mets.

In the seventh inning, the Yankees gave the crowd a lot to cheer for. From the start of the inning, the fans were into it. Gardner hit a single, cheering, Dickerson walked, even louder, then Cervelli gloriously took a speeding bullet to the body, showing his amazing mental and physical strength. (Too much?)

With the bases loaded and no outs, chants of "Derek Jeter" began. Louder and louder they came, and the captain delivered, tying the game with a two run single.

Then, the bunt.

Let me take this opportunity to say that I nearly lost my voice screaming for Pinstripe Alley (some of us, at least) at Joe Girardi for the Curtis Granderson bunt call. Why he bunted there still perplexes me, whether it worked or not.

After the Granderson bunt, Terry Collins made a blunder. Sure, Alex Rodriguez only hit an infield single, but walking Teixeira to get to Rodriguez is always an awful idea.

For the rest of the seventh inning, the atmosphere reminded me of 2009 ALDS Game two after David Robertson came in. High-Fiving random people, fans screaming their lungs out, that is what a Yankees Stadium should always sound like!

On a cold, rainy day in the Bronx, the Yankees sent their fans home happy. Worth the weather every single time.

As I told my brother, he got to see five innings of the Mets winning, and I only got to see three innings of the Yankees winning. Seems like a fair trade-off to me!

Sign that the rapture is near:

Mets were leading for a good amount of the game.

Sign that the rapture isn't near:

I did not witness a single "wave."