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New York Yankees 9 - New York Mets 3

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After getting shut down by Mike Pelfrey for most of the afternoon, the New York Yankees broke through in the 7th inning against the New York Mets, banging out eight runs on six hits, and hopefully putting to bed the RISP narrative for a while.  Alex Rodriguez hit four singles, Brett Gardner chipped in two big hits, and Derek Jeter tied the game with the biggest hit of all, a bases loaded single.

Ivan Nova was erratic, but solid, giving up 3 runs in 6.2 innings.  While he only conceded one walk, the Mets were able to accumulate 11 hits (10 singles) against Nova.  While sinkerballers are prone to giving up singles, Nova pitched himself into trouble nearly every inning.

Nova has to do a better job of keeping his fastball down to be the dominant ground ball machine that he has been at times this season, but all things considered, this is the type of the start the Yankees need from him.  He pitched into the 7th inning, kept the team in the game, and let the bats take care of the rest.

Luis Ayala and Lance Pendleton finished out the game, allowing nary a baserunner.  A great win, and another series won for the Yankees.

Play of the game: Derek Jeter's game tying single

Comment of the Game: I'mGivingYouAPromiseOfABroadcast