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Yankees 7, Mets 3

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Tonight, everybody did what they were supposed to do. 

A.J. Burnett pitched well enough, scattering 6 hits and 3 walks over 6.1 innings while allowing 3 runs.  He got off to a shaky start early, allowing two runs in the first on a walk, single, double, and sac fly, but then settled down, allowing just 4 baserunners and a run over the next 5 innings.  He came out for the seventh inning on a typical Girardi short leash and was pulled from the game upon allowing a hit Jose Reyes.  The bullpen did it's job, allowing just 1 hit (thank you, Boone Logan) through the remainder of the game.

The Yankees offense made their hits count tonight; 4 of their 7 hits were of the home run variety.  Derek Jeter reached base twice and scored twice, while A-Rod, Tex, Curtis Granderson, and Russell Martin contributed home runs to the effort.  With all those homers, this game could have been a blowout if the other four hitters in the Yankees lineup hadn't combined to go 0-12.

Play of the Game: Mark Teixeira's third inning home run increased the Yankees chances of winning by 19.4%.

Quote of the Game: YankeeCarp, talking about how difficult it was for A-Rod to pull an outside pitch for a home run:

Tim McCarver said as much, and he should know feats of strength: he was a schoolmate of Hercules…