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Joe Girardi Shows a New Weakness

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Jorge Posada was placed ninth in the lineup earlier this week, and threw a fit. Posada later apologized for the fit, and it seemed like the whole "posaga" was over. Jorge would hit ninth, and deal with it. Apparently Joe Girardi didn't get this message.

In the next game that Posada started, Girardi put the DH in the seventh spot in the lineup. While Posada has been doing a bit better lately, Girardi completely backed down to the "True Yankees" and their "True fans."

Joe Girardi had a great chance to show that no player is above the team in any way, but instead he let Posada's fit dictate where Posada hit in the lineup. It now looks like Jorge Posada's happiness is more important to Joe Girardi than making the best lineup possible.

At first I didn't believe this, but then I saw this tweet by Mark Feinsand

Girardi was asked if he would think about shaking up the lineup. "The last time I did something, everyone was in an uproar."

In the quote before the jump, Girardi could have been joking. Still, even if he was, it looks like a telling quote. Girardi seems to be afraid to change the lineup, and afraid of the media in general.

For a Yankees manager to be afraid to make bold moves, or switch anything around, is a terrible thing. If Girardi does not put Posada back in the ninth spot in the lineup anytime soon, he is showing an extreme weakness in his managerial style.

A Yankees manager needs to be able to handle, and sometimes ignore, the media. In the quote, Girardi admitted that the media is at least partly stopping him from making any lineup changes.

It's not about what the fans want, most of whom can't even manage a little league team correctly. It's not about the media, most of whom are just trying to get readers riled up. It's about managing personalities, and games, correctly.

I am as big of a fan of Jorge Posada as the next guy, and absolutely hate to see him struggle, but his arrogance made him throw a fit, and Joe Girardi's handling of the situation worries me. Jorge needs to be back in the ninth spot in the lineup, even just for a game, to prove that no player is above the team. Right now I'm not convinced Joe Girardi believes that.

*I know I said I wouldn't be around this week to write, but this angered me enough to write a quick piece before I go to the city today. If I don't reply to you, I'm in the city today and Yankees game tomorrow. I'll be back Monday and reply to anything*