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Fifteen Years of Subway Series

This year marks the fifteenth season that the New York Yankees and the New York Mets have played each other. Their meet-up, obviously, has been deemed as the "Subway Series". Whether or not you're a fan of interleague play, this weekend should be fairly exciting. Sure, the Mets are a .500 team and the Yankees are old. But hey, enjoy the series for what it is and use it as a celebration of great baseball in the even greater city of New York!

Courtesy of Wikipedia, here is a chart of the Subway Series results over the past fourteen years. Notice the pretty colors after the jump!

Also, please answer your FAVORITE Subway Series moment in the comments!

Year Series Winner Yankees W Mets W Notes
1997 Yankees 2 1 Played at Yankee Stadium
1998 Yankees 2 1 Played at Shea Stadium
1999 Tie 3 3 First year of 6-game home-and-away format
2000 Yankees 4 2 Yankees sweep split-ballpark doubleheader on 7/9
2001 Yankees 4 2
2002 Tie 3 3
2003 Yankees 6 0 First—and (so far) only—season series sweep
2004 Mets 2 4 First season series win for Mets
2005 Tie 3 3
2006 Tie 3 3
2007 Tie 3 3
2008 Mets 2 4 Teams split split-ballpark doubleheader on 6/27
2009 Yankees 5 1 New Yankee Stadium and Citi Field open
2010 Tie 3 3
Overall Yankees (6–2–6) 45 33

The Daily News takes a look back at the greatest moments from the Subway Series since its inception in 1997. WARNING: Some of these moments are beautiful, whereas some are not.

Before you even ask me, the answer is yes, I'm also surprised that the Yankees are bothering to play this weekend. The last time I checked, a bunch of 40-year-olds were supposed to have missed a plane to Baltimore after Tuesday's game in order to make their 6:00 am tie time on Wednesday. I guess the season ain't over!

Here's to hoping for the brooms! Good luck, other New York team.