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More on Bartolo Colon

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Baseball Analytics has a nice piece up about Bartolo Colon's dominant 8 inning performance on Wednesday. I'm getting to it a day late, but the pretty picture makes it worth it:


Image courtesy of Baseball Analytics.

This is following the scouting report, isn't it? Pound the lefties up and in where they can't get their arms extended, throw everything breaking away from the righties. What I love are the spans of black up over the plate. That means very few mistakes.

91% fastballs with the rest of the pitches sliders plus one change up. One of Mo RIvera's simplest pieces of advice involves adjustments: if the hitters can't adjust, you don't have to either.

I still don't know what to think about Barolo Colon's medically induced comeback season, but he's returned to the big leagues as a pitcher with velocity and command.

Now if we can just find someone like that for the 9th inning.