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Minor League Mondays: Recovery

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A twelve foot wingspan gives one an advantage while pitching
A twelve foot wingspan gives one an advantage while pitching

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In the early going of the minor league season, one of the recurring themes has been top prospects getting nicked up with minor injuries.  Gary Sanchez - abdominal strain, Dellin Betances - blister, Manny Banuelos - blister, Jesus Montero - foul ball to the peaches.  Luckily these setbacks were all minor, and all of the aforementioned have returned to their respective teams.

Of all of them, Sanchez seems to be the one with the most lingering ill-effect.  In an admittedly limited sample size of 76 plate appearances, Sanchez has posted an anemic .211/.250/.310.  As a 19 year old getting his first taste of Class A and recovering from injury, Sanchez merits lots of patience.  Hopefully he can give us a taste of the .353/.419/.597 that he boasted in Rookie Ball before too long.

Dellin Betances, who took longer to recover from his blister, has made only one start since returning from the DL, throwing 3.1 innings and allowing no runs on two hits, zero walks, and throwing five strikeouts.  So far this season, he and Man-Ban have given up a grand total of four earned runs (25.1 IP).

In his last start, Banuelos allowed one run in 4.2 innings, allowing three hits and two walks, while striking out three.  For the sake of protecting the young, prized arms, both Betances and Banuelos have been limited to shorter starts, which is fairly common practice in the minor leagues.  With the way that he has been pitching, however, one has to wonder if some longer starts and a ticket to AAA are in Man-Ban's (fairly) near future.

Jesus Montero has also returned to action, and drew his first two walks of the season last night, bringing his line to .359/.370/.462.  Also, Slade Heathcott is still mashing.

Tune in next week for more shenanigans.