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New York Yankee News: Afternoon Round Up

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Arod is going to have his hip checked out when he gets back to the Bronx.

Rodriguez said that there was no urgency to have his hip examined soon, but in the next sentence he mentioned that he did not feel any discomfort before a torn labrum was discovered in March 2009. He missed the first month of that season and last June missed four games with tendinitis in the hip.

Infield coach Mick Keller has been working with Eduardo Nunez to help the young shortstop harness his powerful arm.

Nunez has been working before games to develop touch, throwing across the diamond at about half his strength, so he does not feel as if he must gun the ball every time. Kelleher also said that Nunez, 23, was still adjusting to life as a backup after playing every day in the minors and that the time off could be affecting his consistency.

The aging Yankees (Jeter, Posada, Arod) give CC Sabathia more leverage, and this offseason is a chance for CC to rebrand the Yankees as his team, as the Yankees depend on him, Tex, Cano and Granderson to lead the team.

"[The clubhouse is] 100 percent different [from how it's portrayed in the national media]," he said. "If people could be around us, the perception outside looking in is totally different than what it is in here, how loose and how much fun we have, how much we all get along. Outside looking in, you don’t see all that. You don’t see the interaction; you just see the big names. But my Yankee experience has been great. I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world."