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New York Yankee News: Extra!

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"I did it again."
"I did it again."

I'll do a second batch of news this afternoon, because this morning is all about last night.

Chad Jennings over at LoHud has the perfect recap:

A guy who came to spring training as an assumed-to-be-washed-up minor league free agent pitched eight shutout innings (and needed just 87 pitches to do it).
The greatest closer of all time blew a save (then watched a series of largely unknown relievers dance out of every sort of danger).
A kid made his major-league debut in the 12th inning of a 1-1 game and managed to pitch four scoreless (after striking out his first two batters, then promptly loading the bases, and knowing every batter was the potential game-winner).
In quick succession a player was hit in the head by a fastball, tried to stay in the game, was replaced by a starting-pitcher-turned-pinch-runner, all while another starting pitcher came out of the other team’s bullpen to pitch in relief (oh, and a half inning later a base runner was hit by a ground ball for what was actually a key out).
And the last out of the game was made by a backup infielder who was playing right field on a day when he started at shortstop ahead of a sure Hall of Famer (yet everything about that situation made perfect sense given the context and the events of the day).

I'm taking a minute for a big I TOLD YOU SO about Hector Noesi. This kid can pitch. His nerves almost got the better of him in his first inning of work, but he's a guy with velocity and command.

Of course, after throwing 60+ pitches, he's a lock to get sent back down to Scranton to make room for a fresh arm.

If Chris Dickerson's concussion is confirmed, he'll be the first Yankee to hit the new 7-day concussion DL that MLB created this offseason. I've watched the replays a few times, and I don't know where exactly that ball hit him, but that was the scariest part of the night.

Let's finish up with a little praise for Boone Logan, who recorded his 6th appearance of the season without allowing a baserunner (in 17 appearances).

Come back at 9:30 for a chance to play manager, and at 11 for a look at top prospect Andrew Brackman. Truthfully, we've got enough going on, it's probably best if you never leave.