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How Much Does Joe Girardi Hate Jorge Posada?

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Incendiary stuff from the Daily News:

Apparently, Girardi and Posada have been grinding at each other since Girardi returned to the Yankees as Joe Torre's bench coach in 2005, picking up their nasty relationship right where it left off in 1998.

Cue up the anonymous source!

According to a source, Girardi was heavily involved in the catchers' meetings, handling the scouting reports for opposing hitters. ...

"Jorge would deviate from those plans all the time during games, which drove Joe nuts," the source said. "Joe would call him out on it all the time, which drove Jorge mental."

"Jorge felt everything he did behind the plate was being second-guessed by Girardi on the bench," the source said. "The way Jorge called a game was a big issue for Girardi."

Posada's refusal to follow Girardi's scouting reports stuck with the manager through the years, the source said, making this year's decision to convert him into a full-time designated hitter a predictable one.

"Girardi couldn't wait to get him out from behind the plate," the source said. "He hated the way he called a game."

Now, I have never been one to defend Jorge's game calling ability. I'm still a little pissed about the change up Chien Ming Wang threw back on May 5, 2007.

But if Girardi doesn't understand the mindset of one of his proudest players, a guy whose ego practically leaps off the sports page, then what kind of people manager is he really?

Girardi has been great in the bullpen, but his formula (not using guys 3 games in a row, not using guys 4 days out of 5) is pretty simple.

The next few seasons will be very, very tough ones as the Yankees try to win while transitioning Jeter and Arod to other roles. If Girardi isn't a "people person," the he's the wrong man for the job.