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New York Yankee News: Arod, Soriano, Beltran

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Thaaaaaaa Yankees win!

Arod blasted a pair of home runs to put the Yankees back on track.

The hitting coach Kevin Long said Rodriguez was failing to incorporate the lower half of his body into his swing, that he had lost the explosiveness the Yankees saw from him during spring training and in early April.

For me, the stars were really Ivan Nova and David Robertson; Nova's 5.1 IP were as gritty and gutty as a non-quality start can be, Robertson is as Robertson does- working out of trouble (some trouble his own, some trouble he's dropped into).

Rafael Soriano hit the DL, apparently with a strained tongue from letting it wag so much.

"My thought is we win as a team, and we lose as a team," Girardi said. "And everyone on this club can always do a little bit more, and that’s the bottom line. You can take that for what it’s worth."

Soriano said he did not think his availability in the games he missed recently would have affected the outcomes.

You want to know how Soriano could have changed those games? If he had pitched, the Yankees would have lost by more.

Mr. 1.73 WHIP, I wish a you a very Carl Pavano career.

Nick Swisher's slump has largely flown under the radar, but he got a day off yesterday. Interestingly, the Yanks chose to use a minor league call-up (Chris Dickerson) rather than Andruw Jones in RF. I wonder if Cashman has started thinking about Carlos Beltran, yet? Travis and Mets blogger Eric Simon certainly have: click here for their take.