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Yankees 6, Rays 2 - Wait, what? A win?

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Yes, that's right. The Yankees of New York were victorious in a baseball contest against the Rays of Tampa Bay, a feat that hasn't happened in a week.

Ivan Nova was solid initially, but as usual, was inconsistent with command. He would get ahead 0-2 and all of a sudden be at 3-2. Nova burned through exactly 100 pitches when he was pulled one out into the sixth inning. But that aside, he was very good, hopefully putting that atrocious 3 ip, 8 r performance against Kansas City behind him.

Oh, and remember that four hit, two-homer game against Texas when Derek Jeter looked to be "back"? After that game, his batting line has been .171/.231/.171. He's back to not hitting, and when he does hit, for zero power.

The previously slumping A-Rod clubbed two solo homers. Hopefully he doesn't pull a Jeter and have this kind of game once in a blue moon.

David "Houdini" Robertson was absolutely huge in getting out of bases-full, one out jam in the sixth with the Yanks up by one. That right there saved the game.

Jorge "I don't hit ninth" Posada had two hits, including a double, raising his average to .179. A couple more good games and he'll be over the Mendoza Line.

The ball that hit the catwalk in the ninth inning was probably a home run. It did appear to change directions, but without spending another 5-10 minutes looking at it (of what was already a long review), the umps had to call the video evidence inconclusive, and it became the second out of the ninth. Amaury Sanit couldn't get the third out and Rivera had to be called on; six pitches later the game was over and the Bombers were back in the win column.

Play of the Game: A-Rod's sixth inning blast that gave the Yanks a 2-1 lead (+19%).

Comment of the Game: Jedi Master A-Rod

I did an interview last week that i forgot to mention. Here's as good a place as any to link to it.


PS: Anyone have advice for a PS3 that YLOD'ed? i've had it for almost 4 years, so the warranty is long expired.