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Rays 6, Yankees 5 - Can We Catch A Break Please?

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It felt like tonight was the night that the Yankees would stop their recent skid and give the press and fans something good to talk about.  It looked good early.  A two run single by Eduardo Nunez in the second, a three run homer from Curtis Granderson, and a solid 5 IP, 1 ER performance by A.J. Burnett had me happy going into the sixth inning.

And then Bad A.J. showed up for 2/3 of an inning and it all went down the drain.

Burnett faced 7 batters in the 6th inning, and those at bats went as follows: double, home run, line out, strike out, infield single, regular single, home run.  Throw in two wild pitches, and the score quickly went from 5-1 Yankees to 6-5 Rays. For good measure, the last nine Yankees hitters were retired in order to end the game.

The sky isn't falling, the season isn't over, but it would be nice to put up a few wins and get out of this funk.

Play Of The Game: Oddly enough, there were 3 separate plays in this game that had at least a 19% WPA.  B.J. Upton's 6th inning HR took the cake at 36.9%. 

Quote Of The Game: Long Time Listener, in explaining why it's not good to be carrying the Yankees pitching staff:

Between CC, Joba, and Colon, both his knees would be destroyed.