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New York Yankees News: Mets, Red Sox, Rays, White Sox, and History

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Create a caption if you want!
Create a caption if you want!

Quick personal note, I will not be around this upcoming week much, so let the waterworks begin! Tuesday and Wednesday I will be in (sigh) Boston for work, Friday I will be at a graduation ceremony and party, Saturday I will be in the city, and Sunday I will be at Yankees vs. Mets at Yankee Stadium with my brother, who happens to be a Mets fan. A week in the life of Brandon C., folks!

Speaking of Yankees vs. Mets, the NY Post ranks the craziest games in the matchups history.

Scott Miller of CBS believes that as the Yankees embarrass themselves, the Rays are looking smarter than ever.

The Rays are rolling, and not even the disruptive departure of Manny Ramirez knocked the wind out of them. (They weren't so smart there, were they?) Compare that to the mishandled mess with Posada. Had Girardi and Cashman not so badly botched things, Posada's apology Sunday could have been the end of it. Instead, the Yankees need a week's worth of hand sanitizer.

Well, Mr. Miller, the Yankees seemed to end the controversy within a day, so that argument makes no sense.

The Yankee Analysts takes a look at possible White Sox trade candidates here and here. Who would you be interested in, if any?

Scott Lauber writes that Mark Teixeira and Adrian Gonzalez go way back from their time in Texas.

John Romano thinks that Derek Jeter has to rank high among the greatest shortstops of all time.

Bleacher Report.

Questions of the week after the jump.

1. If someone was to remake "The Pride of the Yankees" right now, who would you have play the lead characters? Personally, I think Josh Lucas would be a good fit for the role of Lou Gehirg, but he isn't exactly the biggest names? Not sure about who would play Babe Ruth, either!

2. Do you think Jorge Vazquez will play a single game for the Yankees this season? I envision a Juan Miranda type of fate for him at this point.

3. Do you think the next closer of the Yankees is on the active roster?

4. Who should the first starting pitcher called up from Scranton be if one is ever needed?

5. What analyst would you put with what announcer in your dream combination for a baseball game?