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Five Thoughts on the Po-saga

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The deadly line up card.
The deadly line up card.

We all know what happened last night with the Yankees, and I'm sure you have read almost every angle possible by now. Still, I did not get to get my thoughts written here yet, so it's beating a dead horse time!

1. Jorge Posada needs to bat ninth in the next game he starts in:

If Jorge Posada says he didn't ask for a day off because of his being ninth in the lineup, let him prove it. Batting him anywhere else would be babying him and setting a terrible example for the rest of the team. I know Jorge is a "true Yankee" and all of that, but he needs to realize his role on the team. He needs to deal with the fact that he is right now the worst hitter in the lineup, and he needs to accept his spot in the lineup. If not, he needs to leave the team.

2. The only future free agent this will affect is Brian Cashman:

I seriously doubt any future free agent will think "hey, will Brian Cashman call me out ever?" when considering a contract offer from the Yankees. Cashman didn't do anything wrong, he was told that Posada was not injured, so he said Posada was not injured. After the game he could have avoided firing back at Posada, and his new talkative personality could affect his future. Hank and Hal should consider his actual moves more than his talking when considering whether or not to re-sign Cashman after the season, but Hank is unpredictable, and could be very upset with Cashman. Hal, on the other hand, will likely know the right criteria to judge Cashman on.

3. Jorge Posada was likely considering much more drastic measures:

Why would Jorge call a press conference just to say "I have a stiff back?" Jorge likely was either going to take a shot at Cashman, or even possibly retire. Posada had the chance to talk to people after the game, and those people likely talked him out of saying anything wrong. Those same people were likely not able to talk to him before the game, so he was not talked out of talking to Girardi.

4. This whole situation can be solved pretty easily:

All the Yankees need is for Posada to say "I should have told Girardi/Cashman that my back was bad," and for Cashman to simply not respond anymore. Girardi should put Posada back in the ninth spot, and tell him that if he doesn't want to hit ninth he can be benched, or retire. Posada needs to learn his role with the team, and he needs to swallow his pride. It would certainly help if Cashman says something like "We were not aware of all the facts and I spoke based on everything I knew. Jorge's back was stiff, and he is healed now." Cashman would be admitting Posada actually had the injury, but not changing that he was not aware of it.

5. Jorge Vazquez should be recalled:

This doesn't have too much to do with Posada, but it's time. Vazquez has done absolutely everything he can in AAA, and with Posada and Jones not hitting, he can provide a spark for the big league club. Vazquez just happens to play first and third, the two positions Eric Chavez backed up at before he was hurt. The Yankees have the majority of their pitchers available, so Noesi can be sent down without a problem. It's El Chato time!