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Frustrations Aplenty - Red Sox 6, Yankees 0

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We know, CC, we know.
We know, CC, we know.

I'm not really sure where to start this recap. The Boston Red Sox emerged victorious once again over the New York Yankees for the fourth time in five games this year. The Bronx Bombers now have a four game losing streak, their longest of the young season. That's frustrating enough in itself. 

However, Josh Beckett successfully silenced Yankee Stadium tonight. He took the words "pitcher's duel" quite literally and put the Yankees to shame. Six innings, four hits, two walks, and nine strikeouts. His fastballs seemingly moved every which way and his breaking balls were overwhelming. Matt Albers and Rich Hill followed up with two innings and one inning of no run ball, respectively. 

CC Sabathia continued to struggle and was not the stopper the Yanks needed him to be tonight. 6.2 innings pitched, seven hits, three walks, and six runs allowed. 

For the second time this series, Yankee hitters have had some mighty struggles at the plate. New York is 1-13 with RISP thus far in the series. They've scored 59 runs over their past 12 games, and in one of those games they pushed across 12 runs. Pitching isn't going to hold down the fort forever. They have to start scoring without depending on the long ball. 

Tonight, the Yankees struck out 14 times. Yes, more than half of the outs recorded were via strikeout. More after the jump for those of you that are brave enough to read on. 

The scoring for Boston came and went quickly. Jacoby Ellsbury hit a bases loaded, two-run double to deep left in the fifth inning that put the Red Sox up 2-0. Sabathia would escape the jam by inducing a double-play, but Boston would tag him again in the seventh. Jason Varitek RBI single and Adrian Gonzalez's second homer in two days, a three-run bomb that nearly reached section 203, would put the Red Sox up 6-0. 

With the win tonight, Boston is finally within reached of .500 again, sitting at 19-20 (Ironically enough their record last year after the epic Alex Rodriguez-Marcus Thames homers off of Papelbon). New York improves their loss column number and is now 20-17, only two games ahead of Boston. Josh Beckett has also been the starting pitcher twice out of four times that the Yankees have been shutout this season. Go figure. 

Onto the Jorge Posada dilemma. The basic story that I've heard is that Jorge was informed that he would bat ninth tonight three hours prior to game time. He was fine with that, and even told the media that he had brought it upon himself. Then, one hour before the game, Posada voiced his displeasure to Joe Girardi and pulled himself from the lineup. Brian Cashman allegedly tried to talk Jorge into playing tonight, but Posada refused. Now the Yankees are looking into suspending him or trying to find a breach of contract by using the office of the commissioner. There have also been conflicting reports of the former catcher experiencing some back pain. 

However this Posada dilemma ends up, tonight was not good for Jorge. He's batting .165 as it is, and refusing to bat ninth in the lineup can't possibly help his seemingly lost cause. Whether or not we like it, the fact of the matter is that Posada's career is ending sooner rather than later. How soon? We'll find out in this press conference and I'll update once we hear more. 

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