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Tough Loss: Red Sox 5, Yankees 4

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It would have been really nice if you two were driven in during the 8th. The looks on their faces sum up my feelings on the night quite well.
It would have been really nice if you two were driven in during the 8th. The looks on their faces sum up my feelings on the night quite well.

Another tough loss to swallow. You can't help but think that the Yankees could have won this game, but the pieces just didn't come together. 

Bartolo Colon pitched very well during his 6+ innings of work. He gave up five hits, walked three, struck out four, and allowed three runs, two of which were earned.

Colon left a runner on base when he exited the seventh. Joba came on and induced a double play ball, but Robinson Cano mishandled his transfer. A well-executed hit and run with Dustin Pedroia left first and third with one out for Adrian Gonzalez, who hit a sacrifice fly. Kevin Youkilis then hit a Yankee Stadium two run homer to right to make the score 5-2. If Cano gets that throw off, there's nobody on with two out, and maybe the Sox don't score that inning.

Boone Logan pitched the eighth and pitched well, striking out Jed Lowrie and inducing two weak ground balls. He gave up a lead off single to Ellsbury in the ninth, and was lifted for Rafael Soriano. Soriano was shaky, but did not allow a run.

On to the offense.

Clay Buchholz held the Yankees in check through the first four innings until Russell Martin got the Yankees on the board, and tied the game in the process, with a two run homer to centerfield in the fifth. The Yanks would again go quiet in the sixth and seventh innings until things got interesting in the eighth and ninth.

Curtis Granderson got things started in the eighth with a triple off of Daniel Bard, and later scored on a wild pitch. After Teixeira popped out to Lowrie, A-Rod walked and Cano got hit by a pitch. A heads up double steal from A-Rod and Cano set up second and third with one out for Swisher, who struck out. Jorge Posada then grounded out weakly to end the threat.

In the ninth, Jeter singled off of Papelbon with two out, and took second base on defensive indifference. Granderson then knoced Jeter home, bringing the winning run to the plate. Teixeira would pop out for the second time in as many innings to end the game.

The Yankees had their chances. They left eight men on base and went 1-7 with RISP. Give credit to Clay Buchholz for an outstanding start, but the Yanks let too many opportunities pass them by.

The Yankees have now lost seven of their last ten games, and will need their ace to step up in a big way tomorrow.

Box Score.

Play of the Game: Russell Martin's homer increased the Yankees' chances of winning by 20.6%.

Comment of the Game: Jedi Master A-Rod.