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2011 Yankees Media Guide Trivia Part II Answers and Results

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David S. (not sure of his username yet) and greatscott723 tied for the win, with 6 1/2 correct answers! Congratulations to them! They will be adding a line to the signature of a user of their choice that attempted to answer the most correctly. greatscott723 chose to add the line "wagoning since the day I was born" to Jeterian 2's sig'. David S. has not decided yet.

1. What was the date of Dave Righetti's no-hitter? What team was it against? (I only need the day, and each answer is worth 1/2 of a point)

7/4/83- vs. Boston

2. Name one Yankee that homered in their first at bat in World Series history?

Chuck Fewster, George Selkirk, Elston Howard, Roger Maris, Jim Mason

3. Who played the most games at LF in Yankees franchise history?

Roy White

4. Which Yankee holds the franchise record for best batting average in the World Series (combined over their career)

Lou Gehrig

5. Which former Yankee is one of four pitchers to throw two no-hitters in the same season?

Allie Reynolds

6. The Yankees hold the record for most consecutive winning seasons as a franchise. How many are they at now, and how many is their record? (1/2 point each)

18 now, 39 record. (1926-1964)

7. Who played the most games at DH in Yankees franchise history?

Don Baylor

8. Who is the only Yankee ever to hit home runs in their first two at bats with the team?

Cody Ransom

9. Which player holds the Yankees franchise record for most hits as a second baseman in a single season?

Alfonso Soriano

10. Who played in the most games at the old Yankee Stadium?

Mickey Mantle