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Roster Mistakes Abound Last Night for the Yankees

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The Yankees lost last night due to terrible managing by Joe Girardi. Fans have complained about his love of bunting, love of his binder, and love of Boone Logan. Last night, Girardi's odd managerial decisions cost the Yankees, as did a decision that went unnoticed by many.

Prior to last night's game the Yankees demoted Lance Pendleton to AAA, and activated Luis Ayala off the 15 day DL.

At the time it seemed like the correct move, as Pendleton was only recalled to take over for Ayala in the first place, and the bullpen would remain in the same structure as prior to the switch.

What the fans didn't know is that both Joba Chamberlain and Rafael Soriano were unavailable for the game, leaving only Buddy Carlyle, Luis Ayala, David Robertson, Boone Logan, and Mariano Rivera as the pitchers in the pen for the game.

Realistically the majority of games do not require the usage of five bullpen pitchers, but after starter A.J. Burnett left after seven innings, the Yankees flew through relievers.

David Robertson pitched two thirds, blowing the Yankees lead in the process. Boone Logan finished Robertson's inning, and Mariano Rivera pitched the next full inning. The game went into extras, and the Yankees were left with two available relievers, Buddy Carlyle and Luis Ayala.

Buddy Carlyle attempted to go two innings, but had to be replaced by Ayala in his second. Ayala gave up Carlyle's run, which would be the winning run. 

The Yankees let themselves be left with their two worst relievers in a tie game in extra innings, one of which should not have been on the roster.


First of all, the Yankees should have sent down Ramiro Pena when Ayala was activated. The Yankees knew the bullpen restrictions, and still allowed the team to play with only five available relievers, one of which had just come off the DL, and another that is extremely untrustworthy.

This would have left the Yankees with six relievers, therefore delaying the usage of Buddy Carlyle until at least the 12th inning, if there even was a 12th inning.

Pena is not needed on the roster right now, considering that Eduardo Nunez serves the same purpose as Pena, and if anything terrible happened, Russell Martin could play multiple positions.

For as long as the restrictions are in place, which should be for only last night, Lance Pendleton should be on the roster.


Next of all, why is Buddy Carlyle even on the Yankees roster? Carlyle has been a below league average pitcher his whole career, and cannot even be a long man out of the pen.

Carlyle brings nothing of use to the table, and is taking up a spot that could go to Hector Noesi, or any long reliever the Yankees deem ready for the big leagues.


If the Yankees went into more extras, they were doomed. If Burnett struggled and had to be taken out in the 3rd or 4th, they were doomed.

The Yankees went into the game requiring an outstanding performance out of Burnett, and quality reliever from their top three relievers. Burnett delivered, and one of the three relievers, David Robertson, did not.

Regardless of who the Yankees have in AAA that could replace Carlyle, or what role they feel Pena fit in for that one specific game, the Yankees made the wrong decision demoting Pendleton and not Pena.