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Boston Red Sox 9, New York Yankees 6

The New York Yankees handed the Boston Red Sox their first victory of the season, falling 9-6 in the first game of the series.  After struggling in his first start with velocity and movement on his pitches, Phil Hughes again failed to have any sharpness on his pitches and served up meatball after meatball to the tune of six earned runs in only two innings.

The Yankees were able to have success against John Lackey, but were unable to mount any serious rallies against the Boston bullpen.

While Bartolo Colon, who ended up taking the loss, looked sharp, Boone Logan, once again, proved that he has no business pitching in close games, and the Red Sox were able to score some big tack on runs.

Update from jscape2000:

I've officially moved into the 'concerned about Hughes' velocity' category.

Is he hurt? Is he close enough to hurt that he should be DL'd? Maybe Colon to the rotation wouldn't be such a bad thing (gulp).

The bullpen was mediocre, but Logan is mediocre.  He'll have his bad days and his terrible days; today was just a terrible day.

The offense did everything I could ask, scoring 6 runs and threatening several other times.

Thanks to Duggan for getting the recap started while I was stuck in my afternoon commute.

Use this thread to decompress from the Yanks' disappointing performance today, and come back at 8 to help Travis pick this season's minor leaguer to watch in our sidebar widget.