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New York Yankees News Roundup: Minor League Season Starts With A Bang From Gary Sanchez

We get to see minor league box scores now too, and in a sense, the hardcore fan's season is truly underway. Jesus Montero singled and threw out a base-runner. Gary Sanchez homered and singled in his first game at Low-A Charleston. We're planning to have weekly minor league recaps, courtesy of Duggan.

  • Speaking of Sanchez, he apparently has an open invitation to visit Will Ferrell's production company, "Gary Sanchez Productions."
  • Ex-Yankee Alfredo Aceves has been promoted to the Red Sox in place of the injured Matt Albers.
  • Nick Swisher's slide to break up a potential double-play yesterday broke Tsuyoshi Nishioka's fibula. He's been placed on the DL with no ETA for his return.
  • Transcript of Mark Teixeira's radio interview from Wednesday -

I did change up my off-season routine, which is kind of scary considering for the first eight years of my career I've basically stuck with the same routine in the off-season and spring training and by the end of the year you know my numbers were where they needed to be and I have great seasons, but I think it was very important for me to get off to a good start this year.

  • I know some people hate Keith Olbermann, but the professed Yankee fan wrote an amusing (and "creepy") story about how Derek Jeter's still using Bob Sheppard to announce his at-bats.
  • The Rays and Red Sox are 0-12 combined. Look here for a breakdown of what's gone wrong (or right, depending on your fandom).
  • Evidence that some fathers don't take kindly when their sons root for the Yankees.
  • Another professed Yankee fan, Lebron James, signed a marketing deal with Fenway Sports Group, the group that owns the Red Sox. James also acquired part ownership of Liverpool Football Club (also owned by FSG), one of the most prestigious soccer teams in the world.
  • More reports of poor maintenance at A-Rod-owned properties in Florida.
  • New York was rated the third best sports city in the country, behind Los Angeles (wha?) and Boston.