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Minnesota Twins 5, New York Yankees 4: Fire Girardi Part I?

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The New York Yankees defeated the Minnesota Twins tonight, thanks to home runs by Mark Teixeira and Andruw Jones, and a four out save by Mariano Rivera.

The Minnesota Twins defeated the New York Yankees tonight, thanks in part to Yankees manager Joe Girardi.

Mark Teixeira continued his unbelievable start to the season, as he hit a three run home run in the first. Andruw Jones added a solo home run to give the Yankees their four runs. After that, the Yankees were shut down for the second straight night.

CC Sabathia threw seven outstanding innings, retiring seventeen consecutive batters to finish his outing.

Everything seemed perfect until the eighth inning. Rafael Soriano entered the game, and everyone assumed it was lights out time. Everyone was wrong. Play by play: walk, out, walk, single, strikeout, walk. One run scored from all of that, and Mariano Rivera was ready in the pen. Perfect, the Yankees can go to the greatest reliever of all time to finish this, right? Wrong.

In came David Robertson, Houdini himself. All the Yankees needed was one out to basically win the game, and Rivera was certainly ready to go in. Girardi went with Robertson, and hitter Delmon Young hit a three run double.

The Yankees hitters continued to falter, and the Twins eventually took advantage of lefty Boone Logan. Logan channeled his inner Rafael Soriano, giving up a walk, single, and single, including the winning run.

Two simple questions for Girardi: Why Soriano in the 8th in a four run game if Robertson warmed up specifically for the 8th, and then why Robertson over Rivera when the game was on the line?

Also, Rafael Soriano, if you are pitching with a four run lead, you can not walk batters.

The Yankees play again tomorrow with a bitter taste in their mouths. Should be interesting to watch, as Freddy Garcia will make his first start in pinstripes.

Comment of the Game: pinstriper, for a completely accurate response.

I left after the 4th and just got back

What the heck happened!?!?!

by pastor2b


Girardi started to manage.

by pinstriper

Play of the Game: When Andruw Jones got free onion rings! You know he was Jonesing for those all game!