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Yankees 4, Twins 3 - Pitching According To Plan

Six innings of league-average pitching from Ivan Nova? Check.

One inning each of shutdown relief by Joba Chamberlain, Rafael Soriano, and Mariano Rivera?  Check.

Yankees Victory? 

Freakin' Check. 

I don't suspect that every one of Ivan Nova's starts will go like this, but tonight he started his season off on the best possible foot.  In what was the longest start of his young career, Nova was solid, scattering 8 baserunners (6 hits, 1 walk, 1 error) and holding the Twins to three runs.  He pitched out of trouble, got some big outs, and got through the lineup three times.

The Yankees scored all the runs they needed in the first two innings on two big home runs by A-Rod and Jorge Posada.  They threatened in the 4th and an excellent sliding catch by Delmon Young kept two runs off the board.  Most importantly, at least for one night, the game was over after the 6th inning, just like it's supposed to be, as Chamberlain, Soriano, and Rivera combined to hold the Twins to 2 hits across the final 3 frames.

It's nice when things go according to plan.

Play of the Game: A-Rod's first inning homer off of Scott Baker increased the Yankees chances by almost 17%. 

Quote of the Game: Somebody really needs to get long time listener a cat:

If I lived in Minnesota and I had a cat, I'd name him "Joe Meower."