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New York Yankees News: The Bullpen, Fans, Minors, Records, Scoreboard, And Stupidity

Caption Contest!
Caption Contest!

The Boston Globe looked at the best bullpens in the game. If we were to leave out the Yankees, who do you think has the best?

Do we have any Pinstripe Alley readers from Connecticut? Well, if so, what do you think of this article? The people from Connecticut that I know are mainly either Yankees or Red Sox fans, with a couple of Braves fans as well.

The Yankees minor league affiliates' rosters are in the finalizing process. I certainly stay interested throughout the AAA season, and attempt to for AA, A, and low A.

A new record was set this weekend, as the Yankees hit nine home runs in three games. The Yankees previous record was eight in the opening three games of a season.

Javier Vazquez was awful yesterday against the Mets, only getting through 2.1 innings for the Marlins.

The Rays' bats continued to sleep, as the Orioles finished off their sweeping of Tampa. Johnny Damon missed the game with a calf injury.

The Red Sox were swept by the Rangers, who continued their unbelievable hitting through the first series of the season.

Finally, the portion of news posts you have learned to love. Insanity at it's finest:

Bleacher Report