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New York Yankees News: The Joys of Being Alex Rodriguez

Mood Music - Happiness is a Warm Gun by The Beatles

Alex Rodriguez has been a New York Yankee since 2004, and since he's been here, Yankee fans have been blessed with many opportunities to sigh and say "only A-Rod."  It may have taken some time to get used to him, but it makes me happy to feel like Rodriguez has been accepted by the majority of Yankees fans, as he's been my favorite player since close to the day we acquired him.  Sure, he might wear scarves in public for no apparent reason, use way too much chapstick, or run around after a helmet during a walk off celebration like a total idiot.  But he's our idiot.

Oh, and he also loves kale and is being recruited for a film career, according to paragons of credibility and Pulitzer worthy work, the New York Post and Bleacher Report.  From the Post piece, here is the caption to a picture of a spiffy looking Rodriguez holding a fistful of fresh vegetables:

Nothing comes between A-Rod, pictured here at home, and his kale. The baseball legend enjoys his leafy greens.

Nothing.  You thought that A-Rod was a fierce competitor, relentless in the weight room, and dedicated to the hours of work spent with Kevin Long?  Try getting between him and a garden salad and let us know how that goes for your face. 

But what about his transition to film?  Other than a brief appearance in the 1940 Fantasia, this will be an entirely new arena for Alex.  Personally, I think I've got a helluva suggestion for him and Cameron to sink their teeth into:

Oh yes, this is the one.  While the fate of the world hangs in the balance, an exuberant, misunderstood legume connoisseur must choose between the woman of his dreams and his true love for leafy vegetables in this passionate drama. [Based on a true story]

I just hope that they don't forget where the idea came from when it's time to divvy up the profits.