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New York Yankees News: Facebook, Long, Mets, And Questions

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Do not forget to answer the trivia questions!

Tyler Kepner explains that prospects are quite unpredictable, and all you can do is hope.

Who do you think is the most followed/liked team on twitter/facebook? If you guessed the Yankees, you are wrong.

Sports Business Journal has released a study compiling Twitter followers and Facebook "likes" for teams and leagues in an effort to gauge popularity and fan following around the world.


(Facebook likes and Twitter followers)

1. Yankees: 3,900,883

2. Knicks: 899,652

3. Jets: 882,221

4. Giants: 799,873

5. Mets: 400,777

6. Rangers: 277,192

7. Devils: 188,564

8. Nets: 142,005

9. Islanders: 43,598

Bob Wolfley
wrote a detailed review of Kevin Long's new book.

Jeff Freier went back in time with the Mets and Yankees for his latest article.

Questions of the Week: What would you like the next Baseball Courtroom topic to be? If you could visit one MLB Stadium that you have not yet, which would you? If you were starting an MLB team, what city would you place it in? The city cannot already have a team.