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The Real Formula: Yankees 12, White Sox 3

This is the kind of formula I'm talking about. No need for a middle reliever. No need for an 8th inning guy. No need for a man who can handle the magical 9th inning. Just score a ton of runs and let the starting pitcher of the day do his thing. 

CC Sabathia was stellar. The big man tossed seven innings of three run (zero earned) ball, scattering seven hits while striking out six and walking only one. The only thing I can complain about CC is that he didn't cover first base on a grounder to Eric Chavez. It was originally scored a hit, but later changed to an error. If this was a close game, I would have been angry with CC because his lack of awareness in that situation led to three runs. However, in a blowout, its a bit more excusable. 

Lance Pendleton came on to pitch some mop-up duty, tossing two scoreless innings.

On to the offense.

The Yanks were getting no hit while holding a two run lead, thanks to a wild Edwin Jackson. A combination of walks and a sacrifice fly made it 2-0 Yankees in the third. Then, the flood gates opened in the bottom of the fifth.  

Brett Gardner homered to make it 3-0 Yankees. Eduardo Nunez doubled. Curtis Granderson tripled to make it 4-0 Yankees. Nick Swisher singled to make it 5-0. Robinson Cano singled. A-Rod doubled to make it 6-0 Yankees. Eric Chavez was intentionally walked to load the bases for Russell Martin, who promptly singled to make it 7-0 Yankees. Finally, a bases loaded walk to Jorge Posada made it 8-0. Nine consecutive batters came to the plate without making an out. 

The rest of the runs were rounded out by an Eric Chavez groundout, a Curtis Granderson sac-fly, and Nick Swisher's first homer of the season.

Now that's my type of formula. 

Box Score.

Play of the Game: Fangraphs says it was an Alexi Ramirez single in the first inning, but I'm giving it to Brett Gardner's 5th inning lead off homer, which sparked the big inning.

Comment of the Game: IGYAR, on Duggan's House of Sausage.