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Did you Know Pitchers are Unpredictable? Hughes, Joba and Kennedy

Who would have thought that Ian Kennedy, considered the lesser of the Yankees' three best pitching prospects just a couple years ago, would be better than the other two pitchers combined? WAR says he is over the last year and a month -

Kennedy: 3.4

Phil Hughes: 1.4

Joba Chamberlain: .1

Joba, having been relegated to a relief role, doesn't look like much more than an inconsistent reliever. Hughes was very good in 2010, but now looks like he may not pitch again this season. Meanwhile, Ian Kennedy is the ace of his staff and just pitched a complete game shutout against one of the NL's best teams, the Phillies.

Back in New York, re-tread Bartolo Colon pitched a gem last night and, combined with the other journeyman, Freddy Garcia, have combined for the following line: 39 ip, 2.08 ERA, 28 h, 10 bb, 35 k.

It really makes you wonder about the Killer B's, and if the Yankees are even capable of producing a top pitcher from the farm system anymore. It almost seems like every move they make regarding young pitchers is wrong.