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Bartolo Chews White Sox Bats, Yankees Win 3-1

I'm pinching myself to make sure this is real. 

Bartolo Colon made quick business of the White Sox lineup today, scattering 7 hits and a walk over 8 innings and 99 pitches, just like it was 2004.  The Binder kept him from coming out in the 9th inning to pitch the Yankees first complete game of the season, but hey, them's the rules. 

The Yankees offense did what they needed to, nothing less, nothing more.  Robinson Cano jacked a 3-run homer in the first and the Yankees wouldn't score again, but it was enough.

All of this in 2 hours and 11 minutes, one of the fastest games you'll see this season.

On another note, Derek Jeter is slowly moving in the right direction.  He's hitting .293/.356/.317 in his last 10 games, which I think we'll take at this point.

Play Of The Game: What else?  Robinson Cano's 3-run homer in the first increased the Yankees chances of victory by 21%

Quote Of The Game: Briceratops:

Are you a team that ends with "Sox?"

Are you on an embarrasing losing streak?
Are your fans ready to jump off a bridge?
Just play the Yankees!
We’ll get your team back to those winning ways everytime!!