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2011 Media Guide Trivia Contest

A picture I took from the Yankees home dugout in Yankee Stadium.
A picture I took from the Yankees home dugout in Yankee Stadium.

This afternoon I attended a tour of Yankee Stadium. I saw the same things as the last tour, mainly, but also took my first trip inside the Yankees home dugout.

Also, I was able to purchase the Yankees 2011 Media Guide And Record Book from the Yankees Team Store. I highly recommend purchasing your own. It costs $20.

There are tons of unique facts and figures in the book, and because of that I have created the trivia questions below. Please email me your answers at bco004 (at) yahoo (dot) com and do NOT comment the answers in the post.

The user that answers the most questions correctly will win the chance to add a line to the signature of any of the members that competed in the trivia contest. Of course the line can not be offensive, and must be approved by me. (I'll be lenient)

By entering this competition you are agreeing to follow the rule that the winner can choose YOU as the person that they want to add a line to the signature of. Please comment in the post that you have sent me the email, so that others can see who they might want to add the line to.

After the jump are the questions, and you have until Saturday morning at twelve a.m. to send in your answers. Do not look the answers up, please.

1. How many seasons has Hal Steinbrenner been a member of the Yankees organization for?

2. Who are the only two Yankees catchers to be behind the plate for two regular season no-hitters?

3. Who hit the first home run in Yankees history?

4. Which Yankee holds the franchise record for fewest team games to reach 100 hits in a season?

5. Which Yankees team had the highest home winning percentage of all-time? (Looking for a year)

6. Which Yankees pitcher holds the franchise record for most strikeouts in a rookie season?

7. How many straight seasons has Jorge Posada caught at least one game in? Who accomplished the feat before Posada? (1/2 point for each correct answer)

8. Prior to 2010 (Hughes & Sabathia) which two Yankees pitchers were the most recent to get eighteen or more wins each in a single season?

9. How many games has Derek Jeter played in in which the Yankees were already mathematically eliminated from the playoffs?

10. How many home runs have Yankees pitchers combined to hit over the franchises 106 year history?


I really encourage you to just take guesses if you do not know. I appreciate your trying, and hopefully someone gets a lot right! Good luck, and feel free to comment if you like this or not, as I do have many more questions that I can use for another contest if you would like.