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New York Yankees News: Injuries, Offense, Pitching, and the Red Sox

Here's your mentor, Manny!
Here's your mentor, Manny!

Pedro Feliciano hopes to pitch for the Yankees this season, and actually seems pretty confident.

"We're just going to follow the word Dr. Andrews says from experience," Feliciano said. "Before he got pitchers that got the same injury — capsule injuries — and he just put them in rehab and it works. Why not do that and avoid the surgery and try to pitch again?"

Pinstripe Alley's favorite prospect, Jesus Montero, took a foul ball off his manparts on Sunday, and was sent for an MRI yesterday.

ESPN on the Yankees offense. Feel free to pause, re-word that sentence, whatever you need to do.

Manny Machado, one of the top prospects in the Orioles' system, has found a mentor. The surprise is, it's Alex Rodriguez. It's a nice story, and probably won't affect the Yankees too much, but I'd rather see him mentor Cito Culver.

Kevin Millwood has one start left before he either joins the (MLB) Yankees rotation, asks for his release, or agrees to extend his minor league time. If Nova struggles, would you be willing to swap him with Millwood? Would you rather swap him with Warren or Phelps, instead?

The Yankees need to worry about the big, bad Red Sox. Beware everyone, beware!