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How Confident Are You?

  • Phil Hughes is on the DL
  • Brett Gardner has an OBP of .197
  • Derek Jeter has two extra base hits.
  • Ivan Nova as an ERA of 7.63.
  • Rafael Soriano has an ERA of 6.48.
  • Joe Girardi recently told his wife he wants a divorce, as he is in love with a binder.

If you were to tell me all of that would be true eighteen games into the season, and then ask me to predict the Yankees record, I would likely predict something along the lines of 10-8.

The Yankees are off to a 12-6 start this season, thanks to Alex Rodriguez' monster start, Mark Texeira's avoiding his usual April slump, A.J. Burnett's predictable April excellence, and Russell Martin's surprisingly amazing early hitting.

The Yankees have been breaking franchise records nightly, as they hit home runs at an unbelievable pace.

Freddy Garcia and Bartolo Colon have been effective, but it is questionable whether or not they will be able to keep it up. (Freddy Garcia's .143 BABIP comes to mind)

All of that being said, how confident are you? Vote.