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Yankees 15, Orioles 3: They Never Stood a Chance

The majestic centaur in his natural habitat.
The majestic centaur in his natural habitat.

Someone should have let the Orioles know a freight train would arrive at the Inner Harbor.

CC Sabathia was untouchable for the first half of the game, and by the time the Orioles had a rally going, the Yankees were up 6-0 and it was the bottom of the 7th. Adam Jones took Sabathia deep for a 3-run homer.

The big man was dealing: 51 pitches through 5, a 5-pitch 6th, his worst inning was 25 pitches in the 7th, 22 in the 8th (thanks to a 10-pitch AB by Brian Roberts).

It was a night of extra bases for the Bombers. Doubles for Gardner, Arod, and Tex; 2 homers for Martin, a grand slam for Arod (now 1 slam behind Lou Gehrig), a boring 2 run homer for Posada, and a revenge homer for Gritty, Gutty Brett Gardner.

Look for a couple bean balls tomorrow, after some bush-league rube hit Russell Martin high between the shoulder blades in the 9th inning. GGBG followed with his homer.

In the post-game interview, Russell Martin established a new level of badass with this parting shot: "I actually had a knot in my back, so he actually did me a favor by hitting me. Thanks."

Recent call up Buddy Carlyle pitched the bottom of the ninth without ever coming up and in.

Comments of the Game: longtimelistener's celebration, lolol's plan for victory, another for longtimelistener for his Russell Martini recipe, noonoo for getting the thread back on track, JediMasterArod for telling it like it is, and lolol's suggestion for GGBG.

Play of the Game: Arod's 2-RBI double in the first increased the Yankees' chances of winning by 11.7% The Bombers never looked back.