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Derek Jeter and Grounders

Via Aaron Gleeman -

... [Jeter has] managed a grand total of one extra-base hit (a double against the Twins on April 7) in 64 at-bats.

And there's a simple explanation for Jeter's lack of pop: He's hitting everything on the ground.

Jeter has never been a slugger and has always been a ground-ball hitter, but prior to this season he averaged 55 extra-base hits per 160 games for his career and his ground-ball rates have never been this extreme. Not only does he lead MLB in ground-ball percentage at 72.9, second-place Alcides Escobar of the Royals is at 68.5 percent and no one else in either league above 65.5 percent.

Is it going to get better for The Captain? (It has to, right?) 

How long will/should he be hitting first or second in the lineup?

What about 2012-2014?