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Fun With Small Sample Size

Here's a few bets I would have lost over the first three weeks of the season:

Lowest BA: Brett Gardner (.128); I'd have picked the April version of Mark Teixeira. Gardner also brings up the rear in OBP and SLG. How long until his playing time is in jeopardy?

GIDP: Robinson Cano (don'cha know?)(4); I'd have gone with the man everyone loves to hate on: Derek Jeter (3).

Team leader in BB: a tied between Nick Swisher and Alex Rodriguez (11); I'd have picked Gardner (4).

Lowest WHIP: Freddy Garcia (0.714); here, at least, my pick would have been close: Mariano Rivera is second (0.964).

Highest H/9: Phil Hughes blows the "competition" out of the water on this one (16.5); my pick would have been Ivan Nova (third at 11.2) or Boone Logan (second at 13.2).

Errors: I've watched most of the games and I didn't realize that Russell Martin currently leads the team in errors (3); I'd have pegged an infielder, probably Arod or Jeter.

WAR for fielders: Did you realize that Curtis Granderson has played like a man on fire? His 1.2 WAR leads the team for the first part of the season, ahead of Arod (1.0) who probably was in the lead before he sat out the last couple of games, and Tex (0.9) who is (so far) enjoying the fruits of his new offseason regiment.