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Granderson's Power

It's still a small sample size, but:

After a two-day session with [hitting coach Kevin] Long, [Curtis] Granderson ditched his loopier swing Aug. 12, and in 64 games since then he has hit more homers (20) than anyone else in baseball except Troy Tulowitzki (24) and Jose Bautista (23), according to Stats LLC.


Among players with at least 200 plate appearances over that span, Granderson ranks seventh in slugging percentage (.595), tied for seventh with 31 extra-base hits and 11th in on-base plus slugging (.943).

Granderson's emergence has helped offset Derek Jeter's continued miseries, and it provides an interesting insight into the two Yankees' respective egos and patience with a new approach.

It certainly helps Granderson that he receives fewer nightly questions about the change from the media, and that Long's adjustment to Granderson was more mechanical than timing (Jeter's issue).

I'd rather not think about where the Yankees would be right now without Granderson (t-1st in HR, 3rd in OPS+). The only thing he's not doing right now is walking, and when you're hitting the way he is, that's ok.