I Think we ALL need to Apologize to Russell Martin

At the beginning of spring training we all wrote off Russell. He wasn't healthy. He has hit terrible for the past 2 years. Can't forget about the number 1 reason why all of us didn't like him Jesus Montero. I wanted him hell we all wanted him to be the opening day catcher when Cashman said it was his job before they signed Martin. I'll say it first, Martin has been our MVP so far this year. I understand Mark and Grady have 6 homers and A-rod has been nothing but a Stud so far this year but Martin has handle this weird pitching staff great. He's batting over .300 4 hr and a couple RBI's for a 9th/ sometimes 8th hitter. I love seeing him run ,drive and blocking balls behind the plate. For the past 4 years Posada was the Worst every tags ,blocked, and pitchers not liking to throw to him. Around the winter meetings Cash said Monerto was going to be the starter and everyone said he didnt have Defence. I didn't care because it couldn't get any worst than Posada. I think right now Martin is the best catcher in the AL with Joe Mauner being hurt. I hope Fransico comes back sooner or later to give martin a rest. If Martin keeps hitting and playing hard like he does I see him as an All Star Starter. I know really early to tell but what other catcher is standing out.

On another note if Martin has a season like I think he is going to have do you then re-visit that King Felix with would've Montero as the center piece and signing Martin for a couple years?

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