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Yankees 5, Blue Jays 6

Tonight's game wasn't pretty.  However, everybody did just enough to get the job done and scratch out a win.

Mediocre A.J. showed up, and similar to his last start against Baltimore, he pitched generally well until his final inning, this time giving up a single and two walks that led to a two run double by Edwin Encarnacion in the 6th inning.  Thankfully, Girardi gave him the hook, bringing in David Robertson who managed to pitch out of a one-out, bases loaded jam by striking out the next two hitters. Joba Chamberlain and Rafael Soriano cruised through the 7th and 8th...... and then Mariano Rivera blew the whole thing up in the 9th inning, turning a 5-3 lead into a 5-5 tie, narrowly avoiding defeat by a solid 5-3 double play with the bases loaded and one out.

Ivan Nova, he of the 7.00+ ERA, came in to pitch the 10th and quickly lost the game on a 2-out double by Travis Snider.  Nova is scheduled to start on Friday; we'll see if that still happens.

Play of the Game: take a wild guess.

Quote of the Game: goes to Jedi Master A-Rod:

a droid built by University of Pennsylvania engineers — says his pitch to the Phillies mascot won’t reach speeds higher than 30-40 mph.

Project codename: Phil Hughes