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Counting the Wagon

With the Phil Hughes dead arm saga, Ivan Nova's mediocrity, a winless CC Sabathia, a nicked up Alex Rodriguez, and struggles from Derek Jeter and Brett Gardner, are we doomed?

With the only winning record in the AL East, a serviceable April edition of Mark Teixeira, an ageless Mariano Rivera, and the arrival of Russell Martin, are we sitting pretty?

The answer is most likely somewhere in between, although I think that you could make a case for either extreme.  After escaping with a series win over the hot-starting Texas Rangers, the Yankees sit atop their division with a 9-5 record, but with plenty of question marks surrounding the future.

Are the Red Sox on their way back?

Can Russell Martin keep up his torrid hitting?

At what point do we start to seriously worry about our slumping players?

Now that you've had glimpses of the competition, how do you think the Yankees stack up against the rest of the league?

There's no way to know any of these things for sure, but as of this moment, how are you feeling about the New York Yankees?  Poll away.