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Eric Rodchavez Wins It: Yankees 6, Rangers 5

The New York Yankees defeated the Texas Rangers 6-5 tonight despite the untimely "death of the Yankees mystique" after losing to Texas in the ALCS last season, and losing the opening game of this three game set (according to ESPN).

ESPN announces as well as the Red Sox play baseball, as you can tell from the above quote. The lack of talented announcers and analysts is sad for an outlet that has so many resources at its disposal. 

On to what matters in the standings, the game.

The Yankees trailed early thanks to a two run homer in the first by Adrian Beltre, who drove in four of Texas' five runs.

The Yankees and Rangers traded runs, with the Yanks receiving their run production from homers by Robinson Cano (solo), Russell Martin (two run) and Curtis Granderson (two run). The Bronx Bombers are living up to their name, as they broke the record for most home runs through fourteen games in franchise history.

Finally, with the game tied at five in the eighth inning, Alex Rodriguez' spirit came to the plate in the form of Eric Chavez. Game winning single, Eric Rodchavez.

As for the pitching, CC Sabathia was shaky, but good enough to depart in line for the win. Joba Chamberlain blew the save in the seventh, giving up the tying run on a Michael Young ground-rule double. Rafael Soriano looked impressive in a shutout inning and Mariano Rivera was Mariano Rivera.

Comment of the Game: Jedi Master A-Rod